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Beautifulharmony Products

Gadgets Are Great!
Available at RPGNow

is a light-crunch modular framework RPG. Extremely quick to learn, it operates well for pickup sessions, yet is robust enough to handle a full-length multiple year campaign in any genre.

The game include four micro-settings, a sample character pack for Living, Lying, Spying, Dying – Over-the-top TV/Cinematic espionage, and a fillable .pdf character sheet.

Beautifulharmony Fudge(TM) System Products

Hot Item In a Cold War
Available at RPGNow
Un-Stealing an Aircraft That Doesn’t Exist to an Airbase That Officially Isn't There

In 1982 a stealth plane is stolen from Area 51 in 1982. The Cold War is a knife's edge away from going Hot.

Includes both Solo Version (traditional and linked ebook) and 1-3 session GM module, along with numerous 'Plot Seeds,' notes and examples of Super Spy (High Tech) Equipment, notes on how to scale for any level party, and 5 pre-generated PCs.

For dFb or 5 Point Fudge (10th Anniversary Edition)

Chasing a Golden Buck
Available at RPGNow

Steal an idol from a cult full of healing, tree-hugging nature-worshipers? Should be an easy heist..

Chasing a Golden Buck is a GM scenario designed for a party of 4-6 characters of solid 2nd-level (Attributes 11-29). The scenario includes multiple plot hooks that can be used far beyond the single adventure as the basis for an entire campaign..

It includes a breakdown of the cult, including multiple options as to its nature and operations, maps of the compound and three buildings, 6 pre-built characters with full backgrounds and full-color illustrations, and some secret info!

For 5 Point Fudge (10th Anniversary Edition). It includes an extra-crunch option for Five Point Fudge to play with a slighlty more old-school feel to combat while otherwise running the game using standard Fudge (requires a few standard six-sided dice in addition to Fudge (TM) dice.)

Cel-Maris Station
Available at RPGNow

Cel-Maris Station provides a detailed science-fiction mini-setting usable for the entire spectrum of roleplaying, from "realistic" to "space opera."

Includes a history and level-by-level breakdown of the inhabited sections, sample price list, 4 alien species for use in any science fiction game, biographies of 7 important station personnel, a mini-module, 5 complete pre-generated characters, and 5 pages of 100% vector-based station maps.

For 5 Point Fudge

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